About Historic Chatham


Chatham is a town steeped in history, home to wonderful museums, hidden architectural gems, natural history, and the locations of significant Native American settlements.

Historic Chatham is a cooperative effort among Chatham's many museums and organizations focused on history. It serves as a catalyst for sharing information and resources among organizations. By focusing on all of Chatham's historic elements, the group fosters synergies among the collective efforts of the individual organizations that keep Chatham history alive. Through its website, www.Historic-Chatham.org, Historic Chatham provides a gateway for connecting to all aspects of Chatham's history - its museums and organizations dedicated to history; special events and celebrations of all kinds, plus tours and information to enhance an appreciation of the charm and significance of our historic town.

Historic Chatham will again sponsor "Chatham History Weekend" to raise awareness among both residents and visitors of Chatham's historic riches. All Historic Chatham members organizations will be open at least one day that weekend; most will be open at no charge.

The following organizations are members of Historic Chatham.