Old Village Historic District

National Register of Historic Places 2001



Established in 2001, the Old Village District protects more than 300 historic properties - approximately 85% of its structures - from demolition and substantial alteration. Residents work cooperatively to protect the oldest section of town. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The Old Village Historic District is predominantly residential historic district encompassing the old village center of Chatham, Massachusetts. The Old Village occupies the southeast corner of the town where it is framed by Main Street and Holway Street (north), Bridge Street and Bearse's Lane (south), Chatham Harbor (east) and Mill Pond and Little Mill Pond (west). The houses of the district represent a cross section of architectural development in the town, with houses dating from c. 1730 to the 20th century. The district also includes the Chatham Light, a church, and a small number of commercial buildings. The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.