Virtual Bus Tour Itinerary & “More Info” Links

Re-trace the Chatham History Weekend 2020 Tour

A guided tour of Historic Chatham's museums and historic sites


The Virtual Bus Tour - June 13, 2020

The Virtual Bus Tour of Chatham history was a big success. Two virtual tours, at 10AM and 2PM, attracted a total of over 300 Zoom attendees, and it is believed many of those screens were viewed by multiple persons.

Follow the tour Itinerary, in depth

A record of the virtual tour bus's itinerary, with all stops and locations viewed, is listed below. Additional websites, web pages and other digital articles are listed in order to read more about each location where the 'bus' made a virtual stop, and points of interest in between.

All of Chatham's history plaques are included in the list, as are several articles published in the Cape Cod Chronicle in the column titled “At The Atwood House”, written by Spencer Grey and others. This is a digital resource at The Atwood Museum that contains very readable and informative articles about Chatham history, many more than the few listed below; the index of all these columns can be viewed here.